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One of the most innovative ateliers working in silver today, Damian Garrido uses dying techniques to form intensely modern designs that strike a harmonious balance between history and innovation, line and curve, solid and void. Each design thoroughly appeals to my own sense of balance, my appreciation for historical techniques and designs in conjunction with my pursuit of things unique and innovative. In the end, it is the timeless beauty of each piece that marks their success.

Barry Friedman
Barry Friedman Ltd., New York

Candlestick Arco iris Model, 2006
Candlestick Pyramidal Model, 2003
Centrepiece Chaflan Model, 2006
Centrepiece Cuspide Model, 2006
Centrepiece Moon Model,
Centrepiece Spring Model,
Centrepiece, Cubes Model,
Tray Atlas Model,
Candlestick Octogonal in two parts, 1997
Centrepiece Ivanny Model, 1999
Centrepiece Semi-cylindrical Base, 2000
Oval Centrepiece Mediterranean Model, 2000
Centrepiece Triangular Model, 2001
Candlestick Waves Model, 2003
Jug Madrid Model,
Coffee set Lafonte Model, 2003
Centrepiece Tier Model, 2005
Centrepiece Glacier Model, 2005
Centrepiece Madrid Model, 2005
Vase Figure Model,
Vase Arc Model,