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The most representative feature of the Garrido firm’s production is the variety of types they design, which are unique in the range of their shapes, in the contrast between straight and curved lines and in their brusque changes from flat to concave or convex surfaces. But, above all, they are remarkable for the spell they cast on viewers, who immediately feel tempted to touch them in order to verify the authenticity of their beauty.

Francisco Javier Montalvo Martín
Doctor in Art History and silverware specialist

Octogonal tray,
Centrepiece, Oriental Model with low support, 2001
Jug, Prism Model,
Candlestick, Prism Model, 2001
Centrepiece, Oriental Model with high support, 2001
Square Tray,
Square Centrepiece,
Coffee set,
Jewish Candelabrum, semi-circular base, 1998
Jewish Candelabrum, triangular base, 1998
Soup tureen, Octagonal Model, 1993
Centrepiece, Octagonal Model, high support, 1987
Centrepiece, Octagonal Model, 1986