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Juan and Paloma Garrido were attracted to the art of silverwork from a very early age. Their father, the master Damián Garrido, passed on to them his vocation for the trade and under his supervision they began their training in the craft of silversmithing. While they were completing their higher education they started to experiment in the family workshop.

After years of specialised training in the various techniques of the trade, brother and sister launched their own professional careers, thereby increasing their knowledge both in the restoration of antique pieces and in the execution of new designs.

The latest stage of their work is proving to be especially enriching, aesthetically and technically.

Their recent works reflect both what they have learnt over the years and their personal understanding of orfèvrerie, combining tradition and modern trends.

The works produced by Juan and Paloma Garrido have been displayed in solo and group exhibitions in Spain and abroad and are especially appreciated in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Belgium, Holland and Switzerland. As well as regularly being displayed in art galleries, their oeuvre forms a part of significant private and public collections and can be admired in a number of museums of decorative arts.