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The classic collection comprises a wide variety of styles and designs. Many of the works made by the Damián Garrido firm have been commissioned for decorative purposes and can be found in collections such as those of the Spanish Royal Family, the seat of the Spanish government and the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As well as creating its own collection of pieces for liturgical use, the firm undertakes special commissions and restorations.

Figures of Saint James and Saint Andrew, 1982
Neo-Gothic golden Monstrance, 1997
Monstrance with an oval base, 1968
Ciborium, Baroque Model, 1966
Baroques Chalices, 1965
Cross, Rococo and limosnero Chalices, 1975-80
Grapes, Ornamental and Engraved Chalices, 1985
Cruet set,
Wash-basin and jug,
Wash-basin and jug misal,
Censer, Conch Model,
Censer, Figurehead and Renaissance Models,1980